Abstract artist, wildlife, and macro photographer, Diana is inspired by patterns in nature.
Repetition of lines and shapes in feathers, bird plumages, spider webs, compound eyes, scales of butterfly wings; symmetries, meanders, and fractals found in landscapes, plants, mollusk shells, and coral formations – these natural elements are fascinating to find and capture. They are an inspiration for her paintings, which transform flat surfaces into three-dimensional spaces through an interplay of lines, values, and shapes.

recent art exhibitions

  • Aqua, Gallerium Art, Biafarin Platform, Canada
  • The Art of Beauty, MVA Gallery, Bethlehem PA
  • Mankind/ Nature, California Art League, Reseda CA
  • Abstract Catalyst #8, Verum Ultimum Gallery, Portland OR
  • Abstracted, Art Fluent, Boston MA
  • Sublime, California Art League, Reseda CA
  • Every Color Has a Story, Flagler County Art League, Palm Coast FL
  • Boundless, Art Fluent, Boston MA
  • Muse, Art Fluent, Boston MA

recent photography exhibitions

  • Got Photography, Town of Cortlandt, Cortlandt NY
  • Joy of Birds, Saw Mill River Audubon, Montrose NY
  • Elements, Art Fluent, Boston MA
  • The Magic of Water, Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth MA
  • Bird is the Word, Flagler County Art League, Palm Coast FL